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*NOTE* Waterway 56 frame Wet End assemblies are a standard industry size and will interchange with other Waterway pumps listed as the same size. Aqua-flo 56 frame pumps however have 2 different versions of the 56 frame. When the XP2 first originated they used to use an Emerson motor with a diameter of 6.1".

A few years later, the industry came up with a standard diameter for motors which is now 6.3”. 6.1”(92770715 volute)and 6.3”(92770725 volute) wet-ends are not interchangeable.  So to avoid any mishaps in wet-end crossing for 56 frame XP2 motors, check the model number on the wet-end which is located on the side where the through bolts go in.  This way, you can cross to an exact wet-end without worrying about the wet-end not fitting to the motor.