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FAQ regarding Ozone generators.

Q. Do I need an Ozone for my Hot Tub?

A. We, as members of BISHTA and following their guidance on promoting safe water it is very important to have a good, working, Ozone management system that is operated for the correct length of time (minimum 6 to 8 hours a day). Ozone when released in to the Spa water will help to re-energise spent Bromine or Chlorine particles that have been used by the contaminants in the water. This will allow your Spa water to stay cleaner for longer thus using less chemicals.

Q. Do I still need to add Chlorine to my water if I have an Ozone system?

A. Most definitely yes. Although Ozone will help to provide a base level of sanitation, you will always need a residual in the water and in most cases this would be either Chlorine or Bromine.

Q. What is the main reason for having an Ozone unit?

A. Ozone helps to provide a base level of sanitation in the Spa water but it also helps to keep a better clarity to the water as it helps to filter out non-filterable wastes.

Q. What is the best Ozone water care system to use as you seem to sell two that do the same thing?

A. The main Ozone units we sell are the Del Eclipse Ozone, and the Balboa Corona Discharge Chip Ozone. Yes you are right they both do the same job, they both use Corona Discharge and they both have a replaceable chip. The reason we sell two different brands is simply because most customers like the option of a like for like easy replacement and both the Balboa and the Del are the two most popular Ozones in the UK market place.