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2 inch Gate Valve Male-Female
2 inch Gate Valve Male-Female
Artikelnr.: PL-10191
Type of product: Gate Valve / Slide Valve / Shut off valve male-female
Specification Socket x Spigot
Most common size reference: 2 inch
Overall outer dimensions approx: Length: 115mm
Height 220mm
Depth: Male end: 59mm Female end: 69mm
Internal diameter size approx: Male end: 52mm
Female end: 60mm
Commonly used with: 2 inch rigid pipe and 2 inch flexible rigid pipe.
Additional notes: Used to isolate a section of pipe work usually for easy access maintenance purposes.

This male female version helps to save space when plumbing, you glue 2" pipe in to the female end and you can fit any 2" socket style connection over the top of the male end.
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