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1 inch ON - OFF Valve 5-Point Textured Grey
1 inch ON - OFF Valve 5-Point Textured Grey
Artikelnr.: PL-10260
Type of product: Spa ON - OFF Valve / Tap
Specification: 1" S 5-POINT SCALLOP TEXTURED GREY Single Port
Most common size reference: 1 inch
Overall outer dimensions approx: Height: 105mm
External diameter (screw cap): 65mm
Fits hole size: 51mm
Internal diameter size: 34mm (1" pipe work fits inside)
Commonly used with:

1 inch rigid pipe and 1 inch flexible rigid pipe.
Hot Tubs: Spaform, Touch Spas, Clearwater Spas and more

Additional notes: Best to use a plumbing cleaner then pipe cement to assemble. Pipe work pushes inside this part at the female end.

This part allows you to control the water flow going to either a Water Fountain or Waterfall feature.

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