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1 inch floor drain assembly WHITE
1 inch floor drain assembly WHITE
Artikelnr.: PL-10362
Type of product: Drain
Specification and colour: 1" S - White
Most common size reference: 1 inch
Overall outer dimensions approx: Diameter of face:
Height sat flat:
Internal diameter size:  
Fits hole size:  
Commonly used with: 1 inch rigid pipe and 1 inch flexible rigid pipe. Spaform, Aegean and more
Additional notes: Best to use a plumbing cleaner then pipe cement to assemble. Pipe work pushes inside this part at the female end.

Assemble through the spa shell with silicone, you can use a gasket instead of the silicone but not both together as this often causes the gasket to spurge out the side and would cause a leak.

Used to drain water from the Spa when emptying.
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